I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect at the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show at the weekend, especially as I was going with my teenage daughter. Would it be full of macho guys revving their engines at us? Well, yes and no! There was a lot of revving – the sound was incredible, echoing all the way up and down Grey Street. But surprisingly, it was very family friendly. There were loads of mams and dads with children ranging from tots to teens. The range of cars was incredible. One minute I was on the set of the Fast And Furious, the next I was transported back in time to Al Capone’s era.

All of Grey Street and the surrounding area was buzzing, everywhere packed with people stopping off for food and drinks in the sunshine. We popped around the corner to The Kracklin, in Market Street and ordered Dirty Poutine and a side of Kracklin with Mother’s Apple Sauce to share between two.

Totally delicious and good value for money at £20 including a soft drink and a glass of wine. A nice end to another sunny day in Toon. All in all, I would recommend the Motor Show for all ages for a look at some amazing cars. Coupled with some yummy eats in town it made for a lovely day out.