Wow!! What a great Saturday night out we had at Revolucion de Cuba. Located in the Cloth Market, a stone’s throw from High Bridge, we scuttled on down to check it out. After waiting for over 5 minutes for the ‘Express Lift’ (maybe of bit of irony there!!) we headed up the 3 flights of stairs to start at the top and work our way down.

The colourful rooftop terrace is so pretty. The roof was open when we first arrived and got our drinks and when there was a smattering of rain drops it just kind of glided over us with hardly a blink. Very smooth. One Reggae Rum Punch later and we were ready to explore what lay beneath!

The next floor down was the foodie bit, we unfortunately had already eaten tonight and were just sampling the drinks and enjoying a little bit of Cuban soul. But I can tell you, the tapas dishes looked amazing and they also do things like burritos, burgers and salads, so there is a lot of variety. I’m hoping to eat there very soon.

The next floor down is where all the dance action takes place. It didn’t seem to matter once the clock hit midnight that there was only a small dancefloor, as the entire basement was jumping with people dancing to the Latin beat wherever they could find space, wearing complimentary fedoras and waving brightly coloured maracas in the air; a real party atmosphere and it was so easy to get caught up in it. There were even indoor sparklers at one point but I have no idea where they came from!!

A few mojitos later and we fell out of Revolucion de Cuba into the delights of the Bigg Market. They promise this is the closest you’ll get to authentic Cuban cool on this side of the Atlantic and they’re right. It was a really cool night, and I can’t wait to go back to try the food next time! (Oh and maybe another Reggae Rum Punch, it would be rude not to!!)