So many Christmas related things to see, do and eat at the moment in Newcastle city centre, it’s a job to know where to start! So in no particular order here is a rundown of what I’ve visited so far….

Northumberland Street – lovely Christmas lights and a funfair for the wee geordie bairns. Could not persuade my tween to hook a penguin, even with a rendition of ‘Do you wanna win a snowman??’ (Disney Frozen fans will be singing along at this point!). The big wheel is really fast though! Apparently that is acceptable to go on at 12 years of age, but only with friends and not your mam. Then there is the the addition of Fenwick’s Christmas window and the clever logo reversal to Greggs shopfront opposite to so that it’s reflection is visible when you get your festive feels on checking out the Snowman in the windows opposite.


Christmas Market at Monument – all the usual suspects are back selling hats, gloves, wreaths, dreamcatchers, lights, you name it the market sells it. Then there is the food. Oh my! Noodles, churros, cakes, bratwurst and of course, mulled wine. The prices for gifts, food and drinks all seem comparable to last year to be honest, if anything, i thought the mulled wine was a little cheaper at £3.50 per glass. But leave a comment below if you find anything different.


Christmas Village at Times Square – free entry to the site, although you can reserve a table in the beer tent for £14 per person which also includes a 2 pint Stein or a half bottle of wine, plus a sausage. The food and drink is very German based (well, it is called the Bavarian beer tent!) but every Saturday and Sunday they also open the Winter crafts fair and festive forest where a variety of small independent local traders sell gifts and even real Christmas trees. And of course, there is also the outdoor ice rink (tickets available from Life Science Centre reception, adult £10, children £7.50).

Hadrian’s Tipi at The Stack – becoming a fixture in the city now, especially since its move form Central Station a few years back. Great atmosphere and very warm. Again, priced around the same as last year, but very popular. It’s getting harder to find a time when its not absolutely jam packed and if you visit on a weekend there is usually a queue to get in. The rest of the The Stack is also very festive though with plenty food and drink on offer, and as the whole thing is under cover now it’s very cosy.  There is still a fire pit and a few heaters dotted around too, so you definitely won’t get cold. With the addition of cute shops like Lollybomb lining the outside, it’s a real winner.