I decided to review the Escape Rooms on Scotswood Road again as on our second visit we opted for the slightly more difficult challenge of ‘Dr Fitzakerley’s Dungeon’. It didn’t look good for us when for some reason we thought the main door was locked and stood outside in the cold wind for 20 minutes, only for someone else to try the door again and find we could go in. Maybe that was our first challenge!! Which we failed miserably.

However, after putting our ‘combat’ vests on and storing everything in the lockers, it was down to business and it proved to be just as much fun as our first visit when we did King Tut’s Tomb. While the physical challenges themselves did not seem any harder, there were a few riddles and clues to solve which were a little more difficult than our previous visit. This did not stop us and bravely on we went. We had much fun and frivolity and there were a few tense moments and a lot of shouting to make sure people got out of the rooms in time.


On our first visit, there were only 6 of us and everyone had at least 2 challenges to do making it very immersive and enjoyable. At this visit there were 10 of us, and while our host made sure each person took part in at least one challenge, that was the most some of us got to do. The final room was also a little bit busy with this many people and for parts of it a few of us did stand around not quite knowing how to get involved as the rest of the team were ‘on it’. It was surprising that just a few additional people in the group made for such a different experience.

It was still very good fun, and we enjoyed it as much as the first time we visited, but for me I feel that a slightly smaller group may have been better. While encouraging team mates to do well in the challenges (also known as ‘sticking your head through the bars and screaming at them’) and taking part in at least one challenge each was a great afternoon out for us, I would recommend, if possible, going in as a smaller group. Alternatively, you could split a larger group across both mazes and just book for the same time. Then do a second visit in the future and swap over. It doesn’t cost any more or less to do it this way.

All in all, another great afternoon out and as usual the hosts are brilliant and really make sure you get the most out of your experience. Check out my first review on King Tut’s Tomb.

Rumour has it they are building a third maze, sci-fi themed, you heard it here first my fellow escapees!