So after family and friends asked for some items with my logo on, I decided to use an online Print on Demand store (POD). I chose Teespring as my weapon of choice, uploaded the sweet geordie life logo and ordered some tote bags and mugs for the family. I got a few requests from other people too so i expanded my account to include a storefront and now visitors to the site can locate my store and request the items they want.

Check it out, I’m going to add some seasonal stuff in there too so please visit regularly and make sure you scroll all the way down so you don’t miss any gifts. Most items come in lots of fabulous colours and I’m going to keep experimenting with new products and tweaks to the logo, so make sure you leave a comment below if there is anything else you’d like to see in the future.

If you go on to order any gifts please upload and tags some pics with @asweetgeordielife. I’d love to know what you think!!