#AD/GIFTED Coffee & Kin based in Alnwick, Northumberland recently sent me some boxes of their Nespresso compatible pods to try. Not only was I assured they were great tasting, but the pods themselves are 100% plastic free, biodegradable and compostable!! It’s great that someone is finally tackling the fact that 95% of coffee capsules end up in landfill as most companies offer plastic and aluminium options that take hundreds of years to decompose. Coffee and Kin literally produce the world’s kindest coffee capsule.

Their mission is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy speciality coffee at home at an affordable price and they’re also passionate about ensuring that their coffee farmers and their communities are well looked after and receive a fair price, ethically sourcing speciality grade coffee in their products.

Their over-arching mission is to help ONE MILLION people make a positive change in their lives by 2030. A big mission statement, but after tasting their coffee which does not compromise taste against the obvious advantages to how they produce their pods, one I’m in no doubt they will achieve.

Their three types of pods are Discover, Explore and Escape. All very subtle but lovely and creamy. Discover has a delicate taste of chocolate, almond and maple syrup. Explore has a slight undertone of dark chocolate, raspberry and caramel (this is my favourite). Escape promises a combination of toffee, chocolate and hazelnut. These are very light on the taste buds and do not overpower the coffee in the way a syrup would, for example.

Their online shop has a range of items you can purchase from beans to pods to tea to accessories but they also offer monthly subscriptions which can save you 10% or more on purchasing individually. Their most recent addition to their subscriptions is a new monthly coffee AND chocolate subscription box, which contains coffee for a whole month made up of 250g of coffee beans/ground coffee or 30 nespresso compatible coffee pods, 200G of Artisan chocolate AND if that wasn’t enough, a surprise gift.

If you’re buying for someone else they also have one-off gift boxes. There is free postage with all orders over £20 so if anyone wants a suggestion for my Christmas present then you’re welcome!

Need a Nespresso machine?

They also donate 1p per capsule, 10p per bag of coffee beans and £1 of every Coffee & Chocolate Box sold, to The Blurt Foundation and their Peer Project, which helps young people and adults affected by depression in the U.K. Not only can you drink better coffee with Coffee & Kin but you can help so many people and the future of the world by doing so. And let’s not forget, they’re local too.